Major Initiatives taken by State Government of Dairy Development after creation of the State

  • For breed improvement and productivity enhancement of milch cattle BAIF Development research Foundation have been nominated as implementing agency. Under this294 dairy cattle development center have   been established and further establishment of 180 new centress are under process.

  • For commercial and viable running of milk processing plant located in the State a Jharkhand dairy Project have been established as an autonomous organisation. Management control of this organization has been given to NDDB for initial period of 5 Years Under this apart from rennovation and management of existing dairy plant a new dairy plant of 1.00 lakh  liters capacity at Ranchi and plant for balance cattle feed, by pass feed and mineral mixture will be established.

  • in order to procure and cooling of milk at village level 65 Gokul Gram Vikas Center have been established.

  • Dairy development programme ,especially induction of milch cattle and breed improvement ,is being implemented especially in naxal affected areas on priority basic with a view to generate sufficient employment opportunity in that area.

  • In order to profitable disposal of milk produced by the rural milk producers.dairy  plant at Ranchi(20000 liters capacity),Deoghar(10000 liters capacity), Giridih (5000 liters capacity).Dhanbad(5000 liters capacity) have been installed and further insatalled and further installation of dairy plant at koderma (10000 liters capacity),Jamshedpur (25000 liters capacity under RKVY is under progress.

  • Apart from this renovation of old and defunct  dairy plant at Lohardaga (10000 liters capacity), Hazaribagh (5000 liters capacity), Latehar (2000 liter capacity) have been done.

  • Under feed and fodder development programme demonstration of green fodder production, Urea treatment of dry fodder, sale of balance cattle feed, distribution of mineral mixture, calcium & other feed supplement at the doorstep of the farmers is being implemented.

  • Strengthening of Dairy Training center  at Ranchi and establishment of new Dairy Training center at Dumka Headquarter has been done.

  • Independent Extension and exhibition cell have been established at Ranchi and Dumka

Major initiatives during 2012-13

  • Establishment of 25000 LPD Dairy Plant on PPP mode at Jamshedpur.

  • Entrusting management of Milk Processing Plant established at Hazaribagh, Koderma, Dhanbad, Giridih,
    Deoghar, Latehar and Gumla to Private Entrepreneurs.

  • Organization of the "Jharkhand State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Limited" (MILKFED) is being proposed in the light of poor progress of JDP managed by NDDB.

  • Comprehensive Project Investment Subsidy (CPIS) for setting up of Balance Cattle Feed Plant by Private Entrepreneurs under Jharkhand Industrial Policy-2012.

  • Fodder Seed Production in 280 acres of land at Saraikela & Gaurikarma (Hazaribagh) Cattle Breeding Farm, in order to promote Green Fodder production. Under this suitable varieties of 2.95 MT foundations seed & 127.30 MT certified seed will be produced against the average annual requirement of 306 MT. certified fodder seed.

  • Under Special Programme for Dairy Development as a component of "National Mission for Protein Supplement" (NMPS) support of Rs. 653.00 Lakh to commercial dairy farmer of the State for improving nutritional balance of animal feed concentrate, fodder development activities & mechanization of dairy farms.

  • Capacity enhancement of Dhanbad Dairy from 5 TLPD to 20 TLPD at a project cost of Rs. 3.00 Crore have been approved by Government of India, under Centrally sponsored Intensive Dairy Development Programme.

Major Interventions made so far

  • Breed improvement and productivity enhancement.

  • For the induction of high yielding milch cattle and providing need based support to the milk producers in the cluster of milk potential villages along the milk routes: Induction of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 Cattle Units with the subsidy ranging from 50% to 15%.

  • For commercial and viable running of milk processing plants located in State Jharkhand Dairy Project have been established as an autonomous organization. Its management has been given to National Dairy Development Board for initial 5 years.

  • Establishment of 1.00 lakh litre dairy plant at Ranchi, 25 thousand litre dairy at Jamshedpur & under Centrally Sponsored Intensive Dairy Development Programme, establishment of 10 thousand litre Dairy Plant at Mahagama (Godda) is under progress. Proposal under IDDP for capacity enhancement of Dhanbad Dairy Plant to 20 thousand litre has been submitted to Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Government of India.

  • Heifer rearing programme: Support to farmers for rearing of cross bred heifer with subsidized calf starter, cattle feed, vaccination, deworming and insurance for proper growth, timely maturity and to reduce inter-calving period.

  • Technical input programme: Distribution of mineral supplements, calcium and vitamin supplements, deworming and milk procurement inputs.

  • Feed and Fodder development programme: Demonstration of green fodder production, Silage making, Distribution of Chaff cutter, perennial grassland development, urea treatment of dry fodder and sale of balanced cattle feed.

Major Milestones

  • For effective development in milk production, Jharkhand Livestock Breeding Policy-2011 has been notified.

  • Establishment of Dairy Science College at Hansdiha (Dumka) is under progress.

  • Initiatives to award Dairying, the status of Agriculture in the State is under progress.

  • Process for Establishment of Dairy Plants on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode is under progress.

  • Establishment of study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) at Farmer Training Centre, Ranchi for conducting 2 months Farmer Awareness Training Programme and one year programme for Diploma in Dairy Technology.

  • Establishment of 15 MTPD capacity Feed Mixing Unit at Ranchi have been initiated by Jharkhand Dairy Project.

  • National Seminar on Status, Opportunities and Sustainability of Dairying in Jharkhand has been organized in the State Capital during 1-2 June, 2012.

  • Two Progressive Dairy Farmers of the State received Rashtriya Dugdh Utpadak Puraskar award by the Agriculture Ministry, Govt. of India on 18th November 2011.